Hutchinson Stop-choc have expanded their range of GB330/GB530 shock and vibration isolators with the addition of the GB730 shock and vibration isolator. Taking the product load range up to 1000kg with high deflection capability in excess of 100mm in all directions, this new development offers excellent protection of sensitive naval equipment and systems installed in high impact and extreme shock environments. The GB730 isolator can also be supplied with non-ferrous metal components for applications where a non-magnetic isolator is required.

Our experienced team of sales engineers are available to assist with product selection and shock attenuation calculations. We can provide detailed guidance for the use of shock mounts to meet military and naval shock requirements including DEF STAN 00-35, BR3021, BR8470, MAP 01-470, BV044, BV043, MIL-STD-161/1a and MIL-STD-901.

For further information on the GB730 series or other special versions of naval shock mounts, please contact us.

GB730 Naval Shock Isolators, Vibration Isolators