enDAQ Helping Engineers Acquire, Analyse & Act Upon Sensor Data

Hutchinson Stop-choc are excited to introduce the enDAQ range of powerful, multifunctional and self-contained data loggers to our product range. These compact battery operated devices allow for the collection, storage and analysis of data in a wide variety of applications where remote data collection is desirable or essential.

Our enDAQ range of data loggers offer engineers, technicians and scientists the ability to record and analyse important information using the 8 embedded sensors which include:

  • Primary Accelerometer (3 Axis)
  • Gyroscope / Magnetometer and IMU (relative and absolute orientation)
  • Temperature, Pressure and Humidity Sensor
  • Ambient Visible and UV Light Sensor

The standard desktop tool allows simple configuration of the sensors and analysis of the data. Units can be set up in less than 5 minutes using the inbuilt USB connectivity and standard software provided.

In addition, the provision of bespoke software is available to meet the specific requirements of individual clients. A service which adds significant functionality to an already powerful tool.

For more information, please contact us.