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    Anti vibration mountings, Shock mountings

    Anti vibration mountings, Shock mountings

Marine & Offshore

Hutchinson Stop-choc specialise in the design and manufacture of mounts for use on Offshore gas and oil rigs. This includes customised mounts which we design and build in house for Accommodation Modules, Turbine Generators, Compressors, Propulsion Systems and Pumps. We manufacture our mounts from a broad range of materials covering all possible environmental, shock and vibration requirements. Our mounts are designed and manufactured specifically to withstand extremes of temperature and to prevent contamination from fluids.

We can supply all-metal mounts, unaffected by contamination using a special grade of stainless steel which provide extreme dampening capabilities. All metal mounts have no contribution to toxic emissions or fire risk. Our specialised metal mounts offer the benefit of a long life, low maintenance cycle and work well in extremes of temperature. They also provide a very high dynamic load capacity. Stop-choc have worked with the offshore industry for many years to develop these high quality products and to provide shock and vibration isolation solutions for this most demanding environment.

Using a unique all metal resilient cushion to provide vibration isolation, and a sliding mechanism to allow for thermal expansion and structural movement, the design offers excellent isolation of gas turbine generators and rotating machinery. An alternative version of this system is also used for the isolation of accommodation modules.