Flexible bushes offer vibration and shock isolation and an effective break in the path of structural borne noise whilst allowing for torsional and conical movement. They act as a frictionless bearing where rotational movement and vibration isolation are required.

Hutchinson Stop-choc supplies a wide range of flexible bushes with the capability of bespoke designs. These include:

  • Fully bonded natural rubber and metal bushes
  • Pre-stressed silent bloc type resilient bushes
  • Laminated flexible bushes for higher load and angulation capability
  • Spherical flexible bushes for conical displacement
  • Flanged bushes to react end loads
Bonded bushes - anti vibration mounts
Flexible Bushes

Parts can be engineered to meet specific requirements for a wide variety of applications where standard parts may not be suitable including:

  • Torque reaction links on large powertrains
  • Rail vehicle traction motor
  • Electric vehicle drivetrains
  • Vehicle suspension
  • Gearbox mountings for wind turbines

With our in-house engineering teams, testing capabilities and a full range of technical support on offer, we are well placed to assist with product selection and bespoke solutions.

Please contact us for a quotation or to find out more.