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    Anti vibration mountings, Shock mountings


We have a deep understanding of naval shock requirements and a wide range of specialist products designed to meet the extremely demanding requirements of naval projects.

Applications are normally subject to typical specifications, such as BR3021, BR8470, MIL-S- 901D and BV 043. Stop-choc provide application advice and support along with calculations, testing and technical reports to support compliance with these and many other requirements.

Along with our specialist range of naval shock mounts and vibration isolation systems, Hutchinson Stop-choc is also a fully licensed manufacturer of UK MOD standard X and Y mounts. These products are manufactured in our dedicated X and Y mount production cell to ensure the highest standards of quality and on time delivery.

Protecting sensitive equipment against high levels of shock requires the choice of a mounting with a large displacement capacity. Hutchinson Stop-choc designs, manufactures and tests our own complete range of Naval X and Y mounts and cable mounts. These highly effective mounts are used to protect equipment in transit such as torpedoes, missiles, and aero engines. These units also provide excellent shock protection for electronics cabinets installed in warships and military vehicles.

Where clients require more complete systems we are able to supply fully assembled isolated trays and structures designed specifically for the equipment to be mounted. These systems can also include electrical wiring, connectors, cooling systems and earth bonding.

For the effective isolation of propulsion systems and exhaust systems Stop-choc have a full range of specially designed anti-vibration mountings.

For exhaust systems we have a full range of spring hangers and stainless steel isolating pads which allow for thermal expansion and contraction whilst providing excellent vibration isolation and thermal insulation.

In addition to our shock and vibration isolation products please take a look at our illuminated control panels. Whilst these products are mainly designed for aircraft applications we have designed a number of systems for naval vessels where clear and reliable illuminated operator displays, switches and control panels are essential.