enDAQ Helping Engineers Acquire, Analyse & Act Upon Sensor Data

Hutchinson Stop-choc supply the enDAQ range of high-performance data loggers to easily record, store and analyse large quantities of shock, vibration and environmental data. These compact devices are highly adaptable to any environment with user programmable embedded sensors and multiple accelerometers for dynamic range capability with a vast storage capacity incorporated.

The enDAQ product range includes:

  • S2 Mini Series – Aluminum body, Small in size, perfect for space constrained applications, digital capacitive accelerometer, general shock & vibration
  • S3 Series – Polycarbonate body, more storage than S2 and better secondary accelerometer, mid frequency shock & vibration, digital capacitive accelerometer, piezoelectric, general purpose
  • S4 Series – Aluminum body, ruggedised, high amplitude/frequency shock & vibration and shock testing, digital capacitive accelerometer, piezoelectric
  • S5 Series – Aluminum body, wider, larger battery and 4x the capacity of other models, digital capacitive accelerometer, piezoelectric, piezoresistive, long term high frequency vibration & shock plus high amplitude shock testing
  • W8 series – Aluminum and polycarbonate body, wireless with GPS, microphone and 4 Ah battery for long operation, remote data access and high amplitude shock testing, digital capacitive accelerometer, piezoelectric, piezoresistive, general purpose

enDAQ sensors are quick to set up in under 5 minutes with inbuilt USB connectivity and WiFi enabled for cloud/remote data access. Data analysis and configuration software packages are also provided to suit individual requirements. Our engineers are ready to offer advice on which sensors best suit your application.

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