Hutchinson Stop-choc design and manufacture anti vibration mounts up to aerospace civil and defence international standards.

Our vibration isolation solutions have been used extensively in almost every industry including Aerospace and Defence, Industrial, Railway, Navy and Offshore markets for over 40 years. Our anti vibration mounts are manufactured in the widest range of elastomer materials from natural rubber offering high load capacity to highly damped silicone and fluorosilicone offering high and low temperature performance in harsh environments.

These materials are used to fulfil the customer specifications whereby they can:

  1. Reduce amplification at resonance
  2. Reduce sway space under shock conditions
  3. Provide durability and maximise performance in challenging conditions
  4. Increase equipment reliability, reduces vibration and noise

Where a standard product is not suitable, our Technical Sales Engineers work closely with our customers to custom design anti vibration mounts to meet and exceed specifications. We also design and manufacture mounts to withstand extremes of temperature, in tight space envelopes and contamination from fluids.

We provide anti vibration mount solutions using the latest technology in highly damped materials reducing amplification at resonance and providing excellent durability in severe environments. Stop-choc also supply an extensive range of all-metal vibration mounts using special grades of stainless steel which are both unaffected by contamination and provide extreme environmental capabilities.

Vibration Isolation