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Flexible Bushes

Flexible bushes offer the ideal solution where a designer needs to carry load whilst allowing for rotational, conical or linear movements. Unlike conventional bearings, they offer a friction free system with none of the stick/slip characteristics found in other systems.

As there are no moving parts our flexible bushes are maintenance free as well as providing isolation of vibration and noise. This makes them ideal for swinging arm or wishbone arrangements on vehicle suspension, moving elements in special purpose machines and pivot points for all sorts of applications.

Flexible bushes are also designed to offer vibration isolation and an effective break in the path of structural borne noise whilst reacting extreme loads. They are commonly used as torque reaction links on large power trains, rail vehicle traction motors, petrol or diesel engines and gearbox mountings for wind turbines to name a few.

Stop-choc can offer a wide variety of flexible bushes from fully bonded bushes manufactured with natural rubber and steel to sophisticated aerospace solutions using advanced materials and technologies. Our products have been used for some of the smallest applications in miniature mechanisms to some of the largest such as rail vehicles and large industrial equipment.

Hutchinson Stop-choc’s range of standard flexible bushes includes

  • fully bonded rubber metal bushes,
  • pre-stressed silentbloc type resilient bushes,
  • laminated flexible bushes for higher load and angulation capability,
  • spherical flexible bushes where conical displacement is important and flanged bushes where end loads must be catered for.