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    Anti vibration mountings, Shock mountings

Flexible Bushes 

Flexible bushes, bonded and semi bonded

They offer the ideal solution where a designer needs to carry load and allow for rotational, conical and linear movements. Unlike conventional bearings, they offer a friction free system with none of the stick or slip issues found in other systems.

As there are no moving parts our bushes are maintenance free as well as providing isolation of vibration and noise. This makes them ideal for swinging arm or wishbone designs on vehicle suspension moving elements in special purpose machines. They also make great pivot points for all sorts of applications.

Flexible Bushes
Flexible bushes - anti vibration mounts

Versatile and bespoke

Flexible bushes offer vibration isolation. They also provide an effective break in the path of structural borne noise and also at reacting extreme loads. Commonly used as torque reaction links on large power trains, rail vehicle traction motor and petrol or diesel engines. More recently because of their high duty they are also found in gearbox mountings for wind turbines and other new projects.

Stop-choc can offer a wide variety of flexible bushes. Our range goes from bonded bushes manufactured with natural rubber and steel to complex aerospace solutions using advanced materials and technology. We have engineered solutions for some of the smallest applications in miniature mechanisms. We also provide bushes for much larger designs such as rail vehicles and large industrial equipment. With many years of experience Hutchinson Stop-choc are very well placed to be able to suggest the correct product and material to fit your design.

Our in-house engineering team at Hutchinson Stop-choc are ready to help you with your next project. With a full range of technical support and our testing capability we can help you achieve your goals. To get started and to request a datasheets for any bush from our range please contact us.

Our solutions

Hutchinson Stop-choc’s range of standard and bespoke flexible bushes include:

  • fully bonded rubber and metal bushes
  • pre-stressed silent bloc type resilient bushes
  • laminated flexible bushes for higher load and angulation capability
  • spherical flexible bushes for conical displacement
  • flanged bushes due to end loads
Flexible bushes - anti vibration