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    Anti vibration mountings, Shock mountings

Bonded Bushes

Full bonded or semi bonded bushes

Bushes allow your design team to carry load that allows oscillation or pivoting movements of limited amplitude. Replacing traditional bearings with rubber bushes has allowed for great improvements in industries wherever they are used.

Designed to avoid wear and remove the need for lubrication. With no moving parts our flexible bushes are maintenance free. With an elastomeric element enclosed between an outer sleeve and a centre axis. Reducing friction and eliminating play they also significantly reduce noise and isolate high frequency vibrations.

A fully bonded bush is made from elastomer bonded between two concentric steel sleeves. The bush is designed to accommodate small conical, axial and torsional movements. They also support radial loads. To improve the duty life the rubber in the moulded part is pre-stressed. The resulting bush accommodates any misalignment, and also provides vibration and noise isolation. They can also protect from shock loads. A bush that is semi bonded is interference fitted to the outer sleeve after being bonded to the inner sleeve.

Our solutions

Hutchinson Stop-choc design and manufacture a full range of bonded and semi bonded bushes. We also have an array of experience in working with customers to develop bespoke bushes to suit any application. As well as fully bonded natural rubber and steel bushes we have developed many products for the aerospace industry using innovative design and advanced materials. For higher load capability we can offer our range of laminated bushes and when you need to cater for end loads we have flanged bushes to suit.

As with all Hutchinson Stop-choc products we offer our own in-house technical support team. Together with our full testing suite we can help you choose the correct bush for your unique application. For more information or for help with your next project contact us here.