Supplied in accordance with ARINC 404A/600 specifications, Hutchinson Stop-choc provides lightweight avionics trays, racks and fully qualified assemblies inclusive of connectors, cooling systems, wiring and vibration isolation systems.  Racks, consoles and integrated racking enclosures can be custom designed to withstand high levels of vibration and shock.  A full range of trays such as ARINC 404A and ARINC 600 trays can be supplied with front and rear retainers as well as shock isolators to suit requirements.  Front self-locking retainers and rear location pins can be fitted to securely retain equipment on board aircraft and military vehicles.

Hutchinson Stop-choc supplies an extensive range of ancillary equipment including; interface seals, hold down devices, insertion/extraction systems, rear location pins and bushes, plenum chambers and metering plates.  The P208-249 is an investment cast hook widely used on our trays and boxes.  It is manufactured with corrosion resistant stainless steel and is plated with a Zinc and Nickle alloy.  Seals / integral metering plates are also available to suit all ARINC 4004A and ARINC 600 sizes.  Our wide range of hooks, dowels and hold-down systems enable us to support our customers with all their hardware needs.