For over 35 years, Hutchinson Stop-choc has been designing, developing and manufacturing flexible mounting systems to isolate vibration, shock and structural borne noise for the most demanding offshore applications. We offer customised solutions to our customers; considering site conditions and load requirements for equipment on offshore structures and vessels. This includes bespoke solutions for applications such as Accommodation Modules, Turbines, Compressors, Propulsion Systems and Pumps.

Our mounts are manufactured from a broad range of materials covering varying environmental, shock and vibration requirements. Mounts are designed and manufactured specifically to withstand extreme temperatures and marine environments as well as prevent contamination from fluids. Our specialised metal mounts offer the benefit of longevity, low maintenance cycle and provide high dynamic load capacity.

Each system can be specifically designed to meet the demands of installation, which can vary significantly depending on load, platform or location. Our custom-made solutions allow for structural movements, thermal expansion and contraction as well as variable stiffness of foundation structures. Along with our bespoke solutions, we provide full technical support from design through to testing and installation.