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    Anti vibration mountings, Shock mountings

Drive Couplings

Hutchinson Stop-choc have a wide range of flexible drive couplings to cover all possible applications. When transmitting torque from a drive to a driven shaft, Hutchinson Stop-choc’s extensive range of high quality flexible drive couplings provide the following functionality:

  • Absorb and damp out irregularities in the transmitted torque
  • Evenly distribute peak loads
  • Allow for misalignments between the drive and driven shafts
  • Isolate noise and vibration
  • Reduce dynamic loads on the equipment
  • Improve reliability
  • Reduce maintenance
Drive Couplings

As there are no moving parts or bearings, the systems run silently without the need for greasing and with a much reduced maintenance schedule.

Our lightweight Miniflex couplings can operate at speeds of up to 10,000rpm and our high duty RTP range is capable of handling torque values in excess of 100,000Nm. Where there is no standard part available Stop-choc engineers will be pleased to provide a bespoke solution based on specific customer requirements.