Vibration and shock pose significant problems for designers, manufacturers and operators in terms of equipment/system reliability, safety, costs and impact on the environment.

As a leading and long-term supplier of anti-vibration mounts and shock isolation solutions to almost every industry in the UK and internationally, we have the knowledge and expertise to design and manufacture high performance solutions which protect equipment/systems, people and the environment against the effects of shock and vibration.

We offer a broad range of anti-vibration mounts and shock mounts as well as bespoke solutions to meet the most demanding requirements. Our anti-vibration mounts are manufactured in the widest range of elastomer materials from natural rubber offering high load capacity to highly damped silicone and fluorosilicone offering high and low temperature performance in harsh environments.

Whether size, space limitations, packaging constraints, temperature or contamination issues, we have the vibration and shock isolation solution to meet requirements. Our technical sales engineers work closely with our customers to offer the most suitable vibration isolation solutions for applications on land, in the air and at sea.

Anti Vibration Mounts