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Instrument Panels – CLAROPAN Illuminated Control Panels & Display Systems

CLAROPAN develops and manufactures integrated lighting technology in the aerospace, railroad and defense markets. CLAROPAN develops a range of lighting products and on-board electronic systems such as destination displays and Man/Machine interface (MMI) systems, control boxes and alarm boxes.

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As a specialist in cockpit lighting technology since 1963, CLAROPAN has progressively extended its know-how to other markets. While the aeronautical industry remains its primary outlet, it continues to make headway in the railroad and defense industries.

Bringing innovation to light
CLAROPAN was the first brand to offer LED (light emitting diodes) technology. For specific defense applications, CLAROPAN has developed filtration processes that facilitate the utilisation of night vision binoculars (NVB). CLAROPAN is widely recognised in Western and Continental Europe.

For more than 40 years, CLAROPAN has developed and manufactured integrated lighting systems in the cockpits of aircraft. It was the first to introduce LED lighting technology on the “Front Instrument Panels” and the activity has developed into the supply of complete and integrated solutions, such as keyboards and control panels.


Today, CLAROPAN products can be found in a large number of aircraft in the civil, military and business aviation fields. This activity is also very dynamic in the aircraft conversion and avionics systems renovation markets. As a specialist in photometrics, CLAROPAN offers a line of products compatible with the use of Night Vision Glasses (NVG) for military applications.

With recognised experience in the aeronautical field, the CLAROPAN brand put its knowledge of these engineering markets to practical use by offering lighting and on-board electronic solutions for railroad markets.

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