Vibration Isolation Theory

The Problem

In today’s world, increasingly sophisticated equipment together with harsh environmental conditions mean
that engineers are continually faced with improving vibration and shock isolation.

Electronic equipment is often considered for use in environments which are far from compatible with their original design specifications. Even if the equipment survives initial vibration isolation testing, the life expectancy and reliability will be considerably reduced unless suitable protection is provided.

Equipment installed in military vehicles, ships and aircraft is subjected to severe shock conditions. Purely strengthening the equipment to withstand these conditions often means an unnecessary increase in weight, size and cost. The use of carefully selected vibration isolators is nearly always more efficient in these respects.

Vibration from plant and machinery is a growing concern when consideration is given to more stringent environmental regulations coupled with the increased use of lighter construction materials.

Vibration Isolation

The Solution

Stop-choc are specialists in the design, manufacture and application of shock and vibration isolators.
We have a wide range of standard vibration isolators developed over many years to suit almost every application from the isolation of individual printed circuit boards to complete off-shore accommodation modules.

Stop-choc engineers have available to them a suite of computer programmes, continually being developed, together with a wide range of experience to assist them in the analysis of your system.
Should your problem be beyond the capability of a standard vibration isolator, we have the engineering expertise and facilities to design a special unit, along with the equipment to carry out vibration testing if

Role of a Resilient Mount

Suitable vibration isolation mounts inserted between supporting structures and items of equipment
generally have two roles:

  • An important static role : they provide improved load distribution by compensating for certain
    manufacturing tolerances and thus providing more secure and cheaper installation.
  • A dynamic role : they isolate from vibration and shock, considerably increasing service life of the
    equipment isolated.

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