Hutchinson Stop-choc, a global leader in the design and manufacture of
aircraft cockpit illuminated control panels and display systems has invested in
new state of the art laser engraving and advanced digital printing technology.
Combined with the latest 3 dimensional scanning and digital optical inspection
devices this has greatly increased the manufacturers capability ensuring that
Hutchinson Stop-choc are well placed to support their customers with the
highest product standards.

Hutchinson Stop-choc has been producing man-machine interfaces for
aerospace, military and civil applications for over 40 years. They design and
manufacture cockpit illuminated control panels in aluminium and acrylic using
filament lamps, LED’s or electroluminescent light source technology.
Capabilities range from simple edge-lit panels to complex control and display
panel assemblies with integrated electronics and Night Vision Goggle
compatibility. The illuminated, fully integrated, aircraft/military control and
display panels meet stringent lighting and environmental requirements.

Hutchinson Stop-choc also supply advanced systems with the latest display
technology including touch screen. Hutchinson Stop-choc is continually investing in new technologies and
advanced manufacturing processes to improve efficiency, quality and offer the
best possible lead times for their clients.

This latest investment will reduce lead times, offer higher resolution graphics
with greater definition and repeatability and also enhance the companies
abilities to provide simulated panels and displays for aircraft flight simulators.

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