Hutchinson Stop-choc is the sole UK distributor of the Desapro range of lightweight aluminium transit cases.  Desapro offers innovative lightweight packaging solutions for storage and transportation of sensitive equipment or electronics.

The transit cases are designed to military standards and manufactured using high grade aluminium and thermal insulation to protect equipment or electronics against shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, dust, water damage and electromagnetic interference.  The specialist cases are robust, shockproof and custom designed to safeguard and protect contents for many years.

  • Desapro aluminium cases are the solution for transporting sensitive equipment or electronics which require ruggedised packaging.
  • Milex shock and vibration protection for rack mounted electronics or for complete mission planning systems, which include tools, laptops, software, etc.
  • Koolex is a temperature control unit for use with the Milex case.  Heat exchangers and full air conditioning systems with heating area available.
  • Stanex high protection transport cases can be supplied with a high density foam lining, custom designed to fit your equipment.
  • Portex aluminium briefcases for applications where delicate and sensitive equipment must be kept secure.

Supplied by Hutchinson Stop-choc, Desapro’s aluminium range of lightweight transit cases provide the best protection for all packaging needs.

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