Hutchinson Stop-choc has invested in advanced automated production systems and new cobot technology to assist in the manufacture of their Admiralty Type X & Y shock mounts.

As the number of contracts for the supply of Hutchinson Stop-choc’s range of naval shock mounts has increased the company has expanded its production facilities and technology to offer customers the highest standard of product with the shortest possible lead times.  This new range of facilities includes special purpose machines for metal forming and assembly and the introduction of an advanced cobot to assist in complex production processes.

Hutchinson Stop-choc is a fully accredited supplier for the range of Admiralty shock and vibration mounts. The company also manufactures its own range of high performance shock mounts proven to offer class leading shock and vibration protection essential to ensure naval vessel and military equipment survival.

As part of its service Hutchinson Stop-choc also provides its customers with advanced vibration and shock analysis using its own in house developed analysis tools. This provides critical information at the design stage on the levels of shock attenuation, shock mount displacements, sway space and levels of vibration isolation.

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