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Vibration Isolation

The Vibration Isolation Problem

Increasingly technical and complex equipment has to cope with extreme environment factors meaning that engineers have to find new ways of protecting equipment with more effective vibration isolation solutions.

Sophisticated electronic equipment can be used in situations which often far exceed the original requirement and specification. Where this equipment may survive the initial testing process the reliability will be reduced considerably as will the expected life span of the product unless effective vibration isolation is included.

Technical equipment installed in a variety of aerospace and defence applications may well be subject to severe shock and adding strength to this equipment will add cost as well as weight and bulk. A far better solution is to choose appropriate vibration isolators which will almost always be more efficient.

The Solution

Stop-choc are specialists in the design, manufacture and application of shock and vibration isolators.

We have a wide range of standard vibration isolators developed over many years to suit almost every application from the isolation of individual printed circuit boards to complete off-shore accommodation modules.

Stop-choc engineers have available to them a suite of computer programmes, continually being developed, together with a wide range of experience to assist them in the analysis of your system.

Should your problem be beyond the capability of a standard vibration isolator, we have the engineering expertise and facilities to design a special unit, along with the equipment to carry out vibration testing if required.

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