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Shock Mounts

Shockmount001.jpgShock protection demands a different approach to vibration isolation. The key to a good shock protection system is its ability to store the energy generated during the shock episode and release this energy slowly, thus protecting the equipment and/or operators from high levels of damaging acceleration.

Shock can come from many sources. From a close range, shock can arise from actual hits by ordinance during military combat, from the unpredictable demands during many types of transportation and from manual or fork lift handling where equipment can be dropped onto hard surfaces. In all these cases and other situations, the need to protect expensive and sensitive equipment is essential.

Shockmount002.jpgHutchinson Stop-choc have been developing effective solutions to this very problem for several decades and have a wide range of products in a variety of materials to meet every requirement. We also have some of the most experienced shock engineers in the industry to assist our clients at every design and developmental stage.

Understanding customer needs is an essential part of choosing the most effective product and whether you have space limitations, packaging constraints, temperature or contamination issues, we will have a shock isolation system to meet your requirements.

Shock specifications Met: BR8470 Naval, Mill-S-901 Naval, Def-Std 00-35 Military Vehicles, Mill-Std 810 Military, RTCA-DO-160 Commercial Aircraft.

Shockmount003.jpgOur range of shock mounts includes products manufactured from natural rubbers which incorporate specially designed metal work to ensure complete confidence in the product strength. This has been supported by extensive testing, giving designers a solution with one of the highest deflection capabilities available for its size. This also makes them ideal for naval, marine, military and packaging applications.

A range of more highly damped shock mountings are available in high damped silicone, polybutadiene and nitrile rubber.

We also provide a full range of all metal shock mounts including wire rope cable mounts, spring systems with added damping and standard X & Y naval shock mounts.

Cable Mount(1).jpgWhere requirements demand more sophisticated solutions we can offer a full range of fluid damped shock mounts that give the highest degree of damping.

Our in house six degree of freedom analysis software allows us to build models of your system and predict the level of protection, equipment displacements during shock exposure and potential issues due to space limitations or design constraints.