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Illuminated Switch Control and Display Panels
Astronautics Pilatus.jpgIlluminated switches, control panels and displays are used wherever there is a requirement for an operator/machine interface. From the driver in his car to the most sophisticated fighting machines operated by the world's leading armed forces. Stop-choc have more than 30 years experience in supplying custom illuminated control panels for aircraft, marine and vehicle applications. We have the facilities and capabilities to design, develop and prove all our solutions in house providing greater control and flexibility of supply.

CH250.jpgOur range of aircraft fit equipment includes light plates, illuminated control panels, bezels, displays and flood lighting systems. These units can include a vast range of special features such as programmable switch legends, annunciators, toggle switches, rotary switches, miniature filament lamps, LED or electro-luminescent lighting.

Attention getting indicators may also be a feature incorporated within the control panel. These would be hidden until lit and sunlight readable.

DSC_0402mod.jpgCompatibility with pilot night vision equipment conforming to MIL-L-85762A or MIL-STD-3009 is a common requirement. New designs or modification of existing equipment and cockpits to this standard is achieved by matching the filter to the light source.

Backlit liquid crystal displays (LCD), light emitting diode (LED) and electro-luminescent (EL) displays may also be integrated within the control panel.

Hutchinson Stop-choc supplies a full range of equipment for aircraft and vehicle simulators. These systems are used for pilot and operator training and need to accurately mimic the real life installations including identical illumination and tactile accuracy. Simulated equipment can be supplied complete with any required electronics, RS422, 232, 485 or CAN Bus interface systems.

PICT6050mod.jpgConsiderable investment has been made to expand and improve our design and manufacturing facility. Our electrical assembly has been refurbished and we have updated our procedures and training to provide a comprehensive ESD facility.

Our enhanced product capability is illustrated by our involvement in many current civil and defence programmes including Boeing 787, A400M, Hawk, NH90, Super Lynx, Tornado, F16 and Eurofighter Typhoon.

Example Applications

Naval: Surface ships and submarinesCommercial
Radar display bezels
Status indicator panel assemblies
Keyboard control panels
Gun control panels
Vehicle/Cab controls
Process control
Warning and safety controls

Aircraft: Military and Civil, Fixed and Rotary WingMilitary vehicles
Multi-Function Display control panels
Radar Warning
Weapons control
Stores Management
Head Up Display control panels
Communications equipment
Electronic countermeasures
IFF equipment
Complete simulated cockpit equipments
NVG conversions
Commanders control panels
Loaders control panels
NBC Hard Data Entry panels (BATES)
Crane control panels
Remote bridge launching panel
Laser warning panel