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Transit Cases

KOOLEX2.jpgFormerly known as EDAK, the specialist transit case business has now been acquired and re-branded under new management as Desapro. Hutchinson Stop-choc remain as their sole UK distributor.

Desapro aluminium transit cases are a worldwide leading product associated with the highest quality and optimum advanced protection for your sensitive equipment.

Desapro transit cases are available from Hutchinson Stop-choc at a competitive price and offer many advantages:
  • IP 65 protection
  • Sealable
  • Coolable
  • Dual cover protectionMILEX 9.jpg
  • Integrated support tails
  • Top grade aluminium chassis

Hutchinson Stop-choc is able to supply the full range of Desapro aluminium transit cases encompassing the Milex, Stanex and Portex models. Milex cases are built to standard 810F, suitable for a majority of applications and are the most popular in the range. They are lightweight, offer a good volume to weight ratio and do not distort. The Milex range are associated with cooling applications and Stop-choc offer a wide variety of options in this area. The Stanex range linked to transport and the highly portable Portex range also offer excellent protection.

MILEX 5.jpgHutchinson Stop-choc can add customised cooling or anti vibration solutions to your chosen case as required. All the cases we supply are from the same source and give you a fully qualified solution. We can also add protection against electromagnetic discharge, custom fan trays and wiring looms and a variety of different input and output panel options.