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Avionics Racking
1351pshop.jpgWith more than 35 years of experience supplying light weight racks and trays for the aerospace and defence industries, Stop-choc are the first choice across the industry.

Supplied in accordance with ARINC & ATR standards we can provide lightweight aluminium avionics trays, racks & racking or complex fully qualified assemblies inclusive of connectors, cooling systems, wiring & vibration isolation systems.

Hutchinson Stop-choc also design and manufacture heavy duty isolated structures for the mounting of electronics and communication systems in military vehicles. These rugged racking systems take in to account earth bonding requirements, military standard fixing arrangements and vibration and shock requirements.

Using a modern manufacturing facility, Stop-choc have a dedicated production cell ensuring high standards of quality and the ability to produce prototypes, small batches or larger volume requirements with equal ease.

0001pshop.jpgOur team of engineers have decades of experience working with aircraft structures and complex sheet metal fabrications and can provide valuable assistance to our customers through their design, development and production stages.

Hutchinson Stop-choc also supply a full range of ancillary equipment including; interface seals, hold down devices, insertion/extraction systems, rear location pins and bushes, plenum chambers and metering plates.

P1010013.jpgAn extensive range of hold downs include torque limiting hold downs, PAN standard hold down devices and failsafe self locking hold downs. These systems ensure equipment cannot become loose or detached due to vibration or thermal cycling. They also ensure that the correct level of torque is applied to the fixings preventing over tightening and consequential damage of the tray, equipment and hold down system.

1374pshop.jpgWhere avionics systems use rear electrical connectors which are not visible with the equipment installed, Hutchinson Stop-choc insertion/extraction systems allow for safe and reliable mating and un-mating of these connectors. Our mating/un-mating devices meet PAN standards and we have a full range suitable for aircraft and military equipment.

Please contact us direct with your specific requirements or for a copy of our latest literature.