Vibration Isolation Theory 

In today’s world, increasingly sophisticated equipment together with harsh environmental conditions mean
that engineers are continually faced with improving vibration and shock isolation.

Electronic equipment is often considered for use in environments which are far from compatible with their
original design specifications. Even if the equipment survives initial vibration isolation testing…read more

Naval shocks Mounts

Hutchinson Stop-choc designs and manufactures high deflection naval shock mounts to protect equipment and instruments from shock and vibration. Our Naval mounts provide excellent shock protection for: …read more

Transit Cases – DESAPRO Koolex Cases

Supplied by Hutchinson Stop-choc, the DESAPRO range of transit cases provide you with the best protection for your specialist packaging needs. DESAPRO aluminium cases are your solution for transporting sensitive equipment or electronics which require…read more

SLM Pneumatic Anti-Vibration Mounts

Crucial precision, optical and laser systems require high amounts of stability to ensure their accuracy of results. However slight unintentional movements to the instrument can cause erroneous outcomes and compromises the equipment’s valued feature of precision. The solution? A simple…read more

Transit Cases – Milex Transit Case

Stop-choc is the sole UK representative for the DESAPRO product range. We supply the DESAPRO range of transit cases for specialist packing requirements.

Milex transit cases were created to provide…read more

Vibration Isolation – Strasonic – Acoustic Isolation


Strasonic is a range of complex materials designed to provide the best acoustic isolation. Their structure is based on polyurethane foams or cellular rubber. Their main function is to….read more

Vibration Isolators  – Wire Mesh Cushions

One of the many vibration isolation products Stop-choc design and manufacture are wire mesh cushions.

What is a Wire Mesh Cushion?
Wire mesh cushions are essentially stainless steel wires crimped, rolled or compressed into any geometric shape that is…read more

Instrument Panels – CLAROPAN Illuminated Control Panels & Display Systems

CLAROPAN develops and manufactures integrated lighting technology in the aerospace, railroad and defense markets. CLAROPAN develops a range of lighting products and on-board electronic systems such as destination displays…read more